Design, analysis and optimization of electric motors

  • Client: Electromag
  • Local: Grande ABC - São Paulo
  • Date: 2022
  • Segment: Design, analysis and optimization of Electrical Equipment

Project Details:

Advances in electronic components have made it possible to reduce the processing time of digital information, which includes the activation of electrical machines. With the technological alternatives available, we can control torque ripple, mitigating noise and introducing protection strategies in the equipment, making them resistant and with high performance.

Optimization techniques lead to a solution that meets the required performance requirements. However, such strategies should be designed to simultaneously respond to the different requirements resulting from physical phenomena, i.e., multiphysical optimization, aiming to find the one that meets the requirements of good performance, low cost and high technology, which is reflected in a commercial appeal.

ELECTROMAG develops projects and studies aimed at optimizing electrical machines for the equipment industry, such as power tools and white line products.