Electromagnetic simulation and calculation of leakage current of the metrorail system

  • Client: Electromag
  • Local: Grande ABC - São Paulo
  • Date: 2022
  • Segment: Analysis and simulation of metrorail system and traffic (mobility)

Project Details:

The gait simulation considers the characteristics of the tracks and trains that will run along the line, in order to obtain the power and energy consumption of the train on each stretch of the track for the maximum permissible loading situation of the undercarriage along the entire route. The results of the gait simulation will serve as data entry for electrical simulation.

The electrical simulation calculates the voltage variation along the track, the effective current in the rectifier groups and the effective current along the third rail/ cather. The simulation is carried out under the conditions of nominal operation, in which all the rectifier groups of the rectifier substations are in operation and operation in contingency situations. In addition, we elaborate studies of the load flow in the medium voltage system and in the primary substation that feeds the system.

We perform the simulations of gait, electrical and energy consumption to obtain data that are fundamental for the customized development of the proposed subway system.