Grounding Project and Evaluation of Atmospheric Discharge Protection Systems

  • Client: Electromag
  • Local: Grande ABC - São Paulo
  • Date: 2022
  • Segment: Study of electric, magnetic and grounding study

Project Details:

A grounding system is intended to conduct and dissipate electrical currents to the ground, under normal or faulty conditions, in such a way that the passage of these currents does not exceed the limits of operation of electrical equipment, allows the continuity of the service of energy concessionaires and ensures the safety of people in the vicinity of the installations, avoiding electric shocks.

The grounding system operates in faulty conditions, such as the lack of insulation between part of the winding and the housing of electrical machines, and also in the conduction of zero sequence currents, in situations of single-phase short circuit.

It can be said that grounding systems also act permanently in electrical power systems, not only in rural electrification systems, where grounding acts as the neutral conductor of a single-phase system, but also in three-phase systems, especially in energy distribution systems, given the frequency of load imbalances. Grounding systems are also responsible for dissipating transient currents from atmospheric discharges and switching maneuvers.

We develop executive grounding projects and Evaluation of Atmospheric Discharge Protection Systems projects to ensure the safety of people and animals, building and industries.