Traffic Simulation

  • Client: Electromag
  • Local: Grande ABC - São Paulo
  • Date: 2022
  • Segment: Analysis and simulation of metrorail system and traffic (mobility)

Project Details:

For traffic planning, it is necessary to study the conditions to predict the occurrence and intensity of certain impacts, enable guidelines and measures that, translated into the implementation of projects, operational support and information to the community involved, can minimize the negative impacts and maximize those felt positively by the community. Mobility simulators are used for this.

We perform the simulation of various modes of transport, including complex semaphoric systems (including coordinated semaphorization) and prioritization of special vehicles if necessary. Also, we obtain performance measures (delay times, travel times, queue size, speed, etc.), with visual evaluation of system conditions in 3D and comparative analysis of various intervention scenarios, thus allowing you to choose the best design option.